National Mutt Day is the holiday that's so special, it's celebrated twice a year

Dani Golub
Video Producer, Yahoo Lifestyle

“Mutt” is used to describe a dog that is not a purebred but instead is a mix of breeds. The word can have a negative connotation for some people, but for most animal lovers it’s a term we embrace and celebrate. And they are really, really cute. Look at these faces!

Many dog owners believe their mix of breeds makes them unique and truly one of a kind. The negative connotation associated with mutts has sometimes made it difficult to save the lives of shelter pets, because approximately 80 percent of dogs in shelters are mutts. 

To help combat the less positive associations with mutts, there’s a national holiday to celebrate these doggos, and guess what? It’s this week! Education is key. National Mutt Day wants to encourage discussions and awareness about how mutts make amazing pets. There is nothing inferior about a mixed-breed dog compared with a purebred. Dogs, mutts or not, are loving furry family members and should be celebrated. 

National Mutt Day is special enough to be observed not only once but twice a year: on July 31 and Dec. 2. And celebs love their mutts too. Some of your favorite stars are also some of the biggest animal advocates.

To join in on the celebration, you can support a local shelter by donating, fundraising, fostering, or volunteering. And you may be lucky enough to find your own mutt to adopt! Certain shelters are even running specials for fees as low as $10 to adopt your new furry best buddy.

Happy National Mutt Day!

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