Yahoo reimagines logo for Native American Heritage Month

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Yahoo Reimagines Native American Heritage Month Logo Doodle Swap
Design: Aly McKnight

November marks Native American Heritage Month, a time when we celebrate the rich traditions, cultures, and histories of Native people. In honor and recognition of all Native Americans, Yahoo worked with Native American artist Aly McKnight (she/her/hers) to reimagine our logo with a very special design inspired by Aly’s own experiences.

This month is personally meaningful to Aly:

“Native American Heritage Month is especially meaningful to me because it’s a time when Indigenous voices are amplified and celebrated. The amount of Indigenous artists, writers, photographers, educators, water and land protectors, etc., that go unnoticed for much of the year get to be supported in the ways that they should be everyday of the year.”

Her design was inspired by the power and beauty of Native Americans.

“It’s a moment that pays homage to our dancers and ancestors and reminds us to be proud of who we are, where we come from, and of what our future holds.”

She hopes that this artwork is equally inspiring to all who see it.

“I hope that through this artwork, people are inspired to seek out and support more Native creatives, climate justice fighters, wellness educators, etc. Celebrate and support me, my people, and the causes we fight for.”

“It is a dream of mine to someday pass on my artistic and cultural knowledge to our younger generations so that they have the tools to call attention to the importance of our histories and our ongoing journey. I encourage our Indigenous peoples to take inspiration from the world around them and use art, whatever form that may be, to express themselves and find their own stories to share with the world.”

More about Aly:

Aly McKnight is a Native American female artist, whose art features vibrant colors and Indigenous styles. Aly is an enrolled member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe and grew up in a small farming community in Northern Nevada. She is the second youngest of 8 children and is now based out of Utah with her husband Brockton, of Hawaiian/Samoan descent, their daughter, Paoakalani, and Pomeranian dog, Bella. She is inspired by her own experiences, family, friends, legends, the land, animals, and Indigenous community. Aly believes that art has a way of connecting people, illuminating Indigenous stories, and inspiring change in the world that no other form of communication can.

Follow her on Instagram @alymcknight and visit

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