NATO mulls protecting Ukrainian skies by shooting down Russian missiles

Air Defense
Air Defense

NATO is considering protecting Ukrainian skies by downing Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory, though no final decision has been made, Bild reported on May 27.

While some member countries are supportive of bolstering defenses directly on Ukrainian soil, no final decisions have been made, with the United States and Germany expressing opposition.

The initiative has garnered support from Estonia, Great Britain, Poland, Canada, Lithuania, and France. These discussions are taking place alongside broader talks about continuing to train Ukrainian Armed Forces with NATO instructors within Ukraine.

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Furthering their commitment, several NATO countries, including Great Britain, Canada, and Estonia, are considering not just delivering weapons and ammunition to Ukrainian borders, but directly to the front lines as part of an "advanced logistics" strategy currently under development.

In related international military support, following Iran’s extensive drone and missile attack on Israel on April 13, which the Israel Defense Forces confirmed involved over 300 projectiles, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Jordan played significant roles in intercepting the assault. The US successfully intercepted more than 70 UAVs and three ballistic missiles.

Drawing a parallel, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pointed out in an April 15 Supreme Commander-in-Chief Staff meeting that similar protective measures, like those used to defend Israel, could be employed to defend Ukraine. He emphasized that such defense actions would not require invoking Article 5 of the NATO statute, but simply political will.

On April 20, Zelenskyy reiterated that allied forces could assist Ukraine by shooting down enemy air targets. The technical and legal feasibility of using Poland’s air defense systems to intercept Russian missiles over Ukrainian territory near the border is also being reviewed, the Polish Foreign Ministry disclosed on May 22.

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