Nature Conservancy adds 22 hectares to P.E.I. holdings

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has added 22 hectares of forest and salt marsh to its protected properties on P.E.I.

The land lies along the Enmore River, about 45 minutes west of Summerside.

"Most people have never been to Enmore. It's pretty rural," said Julie Vasseur, adding the property itself has no access road.

"It is pretty inaccessible. I was there recently. We had to make a snowshoe journey in and we were very, very tired … It was about a 10 [km] walk to get in and explore the property and come back."

NCC active in West Prince

Vasseur said there a few aspects of the property that make it attractive to the NCC. There is black ash in the forest, a rare tree on P.E.I., and the salt marsh is also important to protect.

"I like to give the example of the salt marsh being the rain forest of the Maritimes in the sense of how much carbon it actually pulls out of the atmosphere," said Vasseur.

"It actually stores carbon from the atmosphere much like a rain forest does."

The NCC has been active in the area recently. Last spring it announced the purchase of two properties totalling 130 hectares.

Vasseur said she discovered the property on the real estate market last year, and it was purchased last summer.

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