Nature walks helping many relieve anxiety during COVID-19

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada on P.E.I. is encouraging people to enjoy the outdoors after a recent survey suggested it has helped many cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent Ipsos poll surveyed 2,000 people across Canada, and 94 per cent said nature has helped them relieve stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

About three-quarters said spending time outdoors has become more important than ever, and more than half reported plans to continue spending time outdoors to help get through the winter.

Taking nature 'less for granted'

Lanna Campbell, program director for the Nature Conservancy Canada on P.E.I., said she hopes the heightened interest in nature and time outdoors will endure well beyond the global pandemic.

"I think that our renewed interest in nature, our renewed interest in our backyards, in the places that we've chosen to live, so just maybe taking those spaces less for granted, hopefully something that comes to the top of mind."

Campbell is also hopeful people will become more committed to protecting and investing in natural spaces on the Island, whether through donations toward land protection or volunteering to help with cleanups in natural areas.

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