The Nazem Kadri redemption tour continues

With another signature game, this time in Game 2 of the Western Conference Final, Nazem Kadri continues to prove he can be a valuable postseason performer.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Meanwhile, Nazem Kadri just continues his redemption march. And he's continued to keep his nose clean. He picked up three primary assists over the space of two minutes and four seconds in the second period, which really turned the tide and was the sort of defining moment or moments of the game. Those three goals blew the game wide open. Colorado was not looking back from there.

And for the Avs, Kadri's been that key driver of the secondary scoring, his hat trick versus the Blues really was the decisive moment in the series versus St. Louis. And now he has his signature game in the Western Conference Final. Any opponent that spreads themselves thin, like I think Edmonton did, well, it presents an opportunity for the Avalanche, through Kadri, who has figured this whole thing out, it seems, obviously after a couple really disappointing ends to his postseasons.

And good for him because, listen, Toronto Maple Leafs have convinced themselves here, after their latest post-season disappointment, to be patient, to trust Shanahan and Dubas and Keefe and the core that they'll be able to get over the hump, that they'll be able to fix and right the wrongs. But where was that patience for Nazem Kadri? Why was it reflexive with Nazem Kadri?

A couple of years ago, they needed to trust their own ability to work with the athlete. Instead they shoved him out the door and into a better position with the Colorado Avalanche. It's patience now, I guess, for the Maple Leafs because it's convenient for them, right? You know, I think the Leafs made-- if they've made a mistake in this tenure, it's parting with Nazem Kadri, who is going to make himself-- who has already made himself a lot of money, but is going to make another team happy when he goes in free agency likely this summer.

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