NBA Daily Fantasy Picks - Dec. 22

Ariel Epstein gives her must-play, value play, and a fade for the NBA DFS slate on Wednesday, Dec. 22

Video Transcript

ARIEL EPSTEIN: Welcome to today in NBA daily fantasy at Yahoo. I'm Ariel Epstein. It is Wednesday, December 22nd. There is so much COVID going around the NBA right now. However, there are still players. I've got two plays and a fade for tonight.

The first play, for $38, I'm taking Milwaukee's point guard Jrue Holiday. Holiday's averaging 25 points per game, just over five rebounds, and just over nine assists when playing without the all-star of the Bucs, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis is in COVID protocol, and there's been five games where Holiday's played without him. The Houston Rockets have allowed the third most points per game this year. That number of just over 113 points per game has even gone up in the last 10, allowing 117 points per game to their opponents. I'm putting Jrue Holiday in my lineup tonight.

If you need a value play, I've got your point guard position covered. And that's for just $10 with Delon Wright. Wright's going to be replacing Trae Young, who's also in COVID protocol. Without their leading shooter, they're going to need points, and especially up against the Orlando Magic, who allow for the fourth most points per game. Wright has the chance to do so. Although we haven't seen Wright without Trae Young yet this season, last year when he played in Detroit and Sacramento, whenever Wright played for over 30 minutes, he was averaging just under 15 points per game. For just 10 bucks, where you could get a player who's going to get normal starting time, in addition to a bunch of players on the COVID list in Atlanta, Wright is worth the money at $10 of a value play.

My fade of the night is for $46, I am not paying up for the Boston Celtics all-star Jayson Tatum. I just have an issue paying over $40 for players when they're up against a top-10 defense. The Celtics get the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. The Cavs have allowed the second least points per game. And, in fact, in the last 10 games, that number has shot them up to the first spot in being the best defense in the NBA in the last 10. Tatum when up against the top 10 defenses, averaging just under 21 points per game, just under eight rebounds, and just over five assists. For the $46, it's just not worth it to put Tatum in your lineup.

Here's your NBA DFS recap. For $38, I'm playing Jrue Holiday. My value play for 10 bucks, yeah, I'm going to play Delon Wright with a COVID-ridden Atlanta Hawks team. My fade, no way, no Jayson Tatum at $46 for Yahoo. That's it for me, Ariel Epstein, here in NBA daily fantasy. Good luck in your tournaments tonight.


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