NBA finishes rescheduling 11 December games postponed by COVID-19 outbreaks

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Postponing 11 games in an already packed NBA schedule had plenty of ripple effects.

The NBA announced Monday it had rescheduled 11 games previously postponed by COVID-19 outbreaks during December. Moving all those games, however, required eight other games to be rescheduled and two more to have their times changed, in order to "mitigate the impact of the postponements on each team’s schedule density."

Here's the full list of games to be adjusted:

The most notable rescheduled game is Kyle Lowry's return to Toronto. That Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors game was previously scheduled for Feb. 3, but will now be Feb. 1, one of six Raptors games to be rearranged.

Hopefully, the NBA won't have to do much more rescheduling for the rest of the season, but news hasn't been very encouraging on that front.

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