NBA legend Grant Hill weighs in on Trump-NFL controversy

Carrie Healey,

NBA legend Grant Hill weighed in on the topic that has been dominating headlines since Saturday -- President Donald Trump's attacks on NBA and NFL athletes. 

The seven-time NBA MVP and part owner of the Atlanta Hawks expressed support for the athletes, coaches and owners who have come together in recent days.

"I'm apart of that brotherhood," Grant told AOL News on Tuesday. "I think certain things I admire about this generation and how they are very socially conscious."

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"I was proud of the brotherhood -- the solidarity, people coming together," Grant said. "Regardless of where people were. You had coaches, you had players, you had owners coming together, and I think that speaks to what is good in sports."

While many have backed athletes choosing to voice their opinions or silently demonstrate, there have been many on the other side of the argument, siding with the president's point of view. 

Trump slammed NBA star Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in a tweet posted Saturday morning, sparking what has become an on-going feud between the president and professional athletes. Trump said the Warriors were uninvited to the White House, even though Curry had told reporters on Friday that he would not be visiting the White House this year as a message to Trump. 

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James made his voice heard, calling the president a "bum" on Twitter and defending his fellow NBA comrade. 

Trump then ignited another feud when he took aim at NFL players during a speech in Alabama over the weekend. He ripped athletes who have chosen to kneel or sit during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial injustice in America, calling any athlete who chooses to do so a "son of a b****."