NBA star’s $220,000 Lamborghini stolen and ‘totalled’ in ensuing police chase

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<p>Terrence Ross #31 of the Orlando Magic plays the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on 23 November, 2018 in Denver, Colorado</p> (Getty Images)

Terrence Ross #31 of the Orlando Magic plays the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on 23 November, 2018 in Denver, Colorado

(Getty Images)

NBA Orlando Magic player Terrence Ross has revealed that he had his $220,000 Lamborghini stolen and “totalled” overnight after a police chase to apprehend a suspected thief ended in a car crash.

Ross said in an Instagram video on Tuesday that he had received a call that morning during which an officer from the Orlando Police Department (OPD) informed him that they had located his car.

“I’m super confused. I’m like wait, what are you ... what car? I didn’t go anywhere last night,” Ross said in the video to his 372,000 followers.

The star explained that he had sent his car into a dealership to repair a flat tire and claimed that police said two people broke into the dealership and had subsequently taken the car.

Ross claimed that police said that the two assailants had “grabbed keys” from the lot and tried the keys to see “which key worked” and that by chance his Lamborghini door opened.

“The key that they have stumbled on is my key,” he says in disbelief. “They take this car, and they start driving.”

The OPD confirmed to The Independent that around 1am “another vehicle was used to break into the Lamborghini dealership on 33rd Street in the City of Orlando.”

While Ross said in the video that “two guys” took the vehicle, police said that “an unknown suspect took a Lamborghini from the dealership.”

Ross said that the police informed him that they later found the suspects “cruising” in his “whip” but that they “took off” when pursued by authorities.

The suspect allegedly later “lost control” of the vehicle “and smashed it into the side of a building,” leaving it “completely totalled,” Ross said.

“The cop was like yeah we found the car but it’s completely totalled,” he repeated. “The front is completely smashed, the back is smashed, windows are done.”

OPD said in a statement that “law enforcement spotted the vehicle a couple hours later” and that “the vehicle ultimately crashed in the city of Maitland, Florida.”

Police said that the unidentified suspect fled the scene and that “detectives are just beginning to work on this active investigation” which is ongoing.

“Now I’m pretty much down a car so now, back to basics, car shopping,” Ross said exasperatedly while at the dealership. “That was the greatest car I ever had and now it’s gone.”

The New York Post reported that the Lamborghini Urus that Ross owned was worth upwards of $218,000. “I had a rare gem, and somebody flushed it down the toilet,” Ross lamented.

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