The NCAA Men's Championship Tournament Teams Are Finally Revealed

The NCAA Men's Championship Tournament Teams Are Finally Revealed

The start of the 2018 college basketball bracket is officially in stone.

On Sunday, the NCAA announced the 68 teams chosen to compete in college basketball’s most celebrated contest, the NCAA Championship tournament. This year’s tournament will be hosted in various cities across the country, from Pittsburgh to San Diego to Boise, Idaho, culminating in a final four matchup in San Antonio, Texas.

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The 32 automatic qualifiers ― teams that clinched a spot by winning their regional conference tournament ― can be seen below.

The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee selects the remaining 36 teams. This is a group of 10 collegiate athletic commissioners and directors from various schools across the country. 

One notable automatic qualifier is the Lipscomb Bisons out of Nashville, who appear in the tournament for the first time in their history.

The Bisons are a number 15 seed in the West and will start the tournament with the daunting task of playing the defending champion North Carolina Tar Heels, a number 2 seed.

This year’s number 1 seeds are the Virginia Cavaliers, the Villanova Wildcats, the Xavier Musketeers and the Kansas Jayhawks.

Here are the complete brackets by region courtesy of@MarchMadness. (For the complete list, see the bottom of this post.)

Now that we have our teams, it’s bracket time!

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Full list of teams by region and seed:


1 Villanova 

16 LIU Brooklyn/Radford*

8 Virginia Tech

9 Alabama    

5 West Virginia

12 Murray St.

4 Wichita St. 

13 Marshall

6 Florida 

11 St. Bonaventure/UCLA*

3 Texas Tech

14 S.F. Austin

7 Arkansas

10 Butler

2 Purdue

15 CSU Fullerton




1 Kansas

16 Penn

8 Seton Hall

9 NC. St.   

5 Clemson

12 New Mexico St.

4 Auburn

13 Charleston


11 Arizona St./Syracuse*

3 Michigan St.

14 Bucknell

7 Rhode Island

10 Oklahoma

2 Duke

15 Iona




1 Virginia


8 Creighton

9 Kansas St.   

5 Kentucky

12 Davidson

4 Arizona

13 Buffalo

6 Miami

11 Loyola-Chicago

3 Tennessee

14 Wright St.

7 Nevada

10 Texas

2 Cincinnati

15 Georgia St.



1 Xavier

16 NC Central/Texas So.*

8 Missouri

9 Florida St.

5 Ohio St.

12 S. Dakota St.

4 Gonzaga


6 Houston

11 San Diego St.

3 Michigan

14 Montana

7 Texas A&M

10 Providence

2 North Carolina

15 Lipscomb


*Teams play for the bracket spot prior to the first official round of the tournament.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story indicated Lipscomb was a 16 seed. They are a 15 seed.

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