NCAA President Mark Emmert announces he will step down effective June 2023

Yahoo Sports’ Nick Bromberg explains NCAA President Mark Emmert announcement that he will step down effective June 2023, and describes the job that will be left for the next president.

Video Transcript

NICK BROMBERG: Mark Emmert's resignation as NCAA president is yet another sign of the massive change happening within the college sports governing body. Emmert has for years been the punching bag for critics of the NCAA's outdated amateurism policies. The NCAA was forced to change those policies through myriad bills throughout states that were designed to give college athletes the right to make money off of their name, image, and likeness.

The NCAA opened the floodgates for college athletes to make money last year. And athletes have been signing endorsement deals with boosters and companies across the country. Now that those rules are no longer in effect, the NCAA is trying to figure out a way to rein in and control name, image, and likeness deals, but has so far not figured out how to do that. The next NCAA president will be tasked with messaging the way that name, image, and likeness deals should be managed, along with the numerous other things that the NCAA has to take care of.

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