NDP apologizes for embellishing new MP's resumé

The NDP is apologizing to their most famous MP-elect for "inadvertently" embellishing her resumé.

The NDP's online biography of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who won the Quebec riding of Berthier-Maskinongé without ever having set foot in it, says she "has a diploma in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Lawrence College in Kingston."

But the college says while she attended classes there, she didn't complete the course.

A spokeswoman for the NDP says Brosseau told them she studied at the community college in Kingston, Ont., but never said she had a diploma.

"She never claimed to have this diploma, as she was two credits short of completion when she had to move back to Ottawa to be close to her family," Kathleen Monk wrote in an email.

"When her bio was posted on our website, a party staffer inadvertently changed the wording. We apologize for posting this information in error and regret any inconvenience this has caused Ms. Brosseau."

Brosseau is best known for managing a bar before winning a seat in the House of Commons.

A spokesman for the college confirmed Brosseau had been a student, but would not say how long she studied there.

"We can confirm that Ruth Ellen Brosseau is not a graduate of St. Lawrence College," Gord MacDougall, vice-president of student and external affairs, said in an email to CBC News.

Until the May 2 federal election, Brosseau was assistant manager at Oliver's, a pub on Carleton University's campus in Ottawa.

She shot to prominence during the campaign as one of several candidates who left on previously booked holidays outside Canada.

Reports say she's a single mother of two. Her NDP biography says she's a dedicated community activist and volunteer who's passionate about rescuing stray animals.