NDP's Joel Harden wins again in Ottawa Centre

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 (Infogram - image credit)
(Infogram - image credit)

CBC News is projecting Joel Harden to be re-elected in Ottawa Centre.

Ottawa Centre featured 10 candidates including the NDP incumbent Harden, who took more than 46 per cent of the vote last time around.

On Thursday evening, before Andrea Horwath announced she would be stepping down from the NDP helm, Harden was asked whether he thought it was time for a change at the top.

"I want to thank Andrea for leading us four times into four election campaigns," he said. "I was asked in French if I think we need a change in leadership. I do."

"Now we're in a moment where I personally believe it's time to move past partisan sniping. It's time for us to put our communities first. And if there are issues that I can work on with the Ford government, I'm prepared to do that. But if, as I've seen in the past, Mr. Ford doesn't recognize some of Ottawa's concerns like the convoy, where it took 48 days to act, I'm going to make sure he knows."

Asked whether he's eyeing the party's leadership, Harden said: "It's not on my mind right now, to be honest with you."

During the campaign, voters said they want housing policy that targets affordability and availability, and not just for families looking to buy their first home.

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