Nearly half of Russians find torture of suspects acceptable, survey reveals

Items from torture chamber in liberated Kherson, photo from November 2022
Items from torture chamber in liberated Kherson, photo from November 2022

About 47% of the Russians find the torture of suspects acceptable, according to a survey conducted by the independent Russian Levada Center on May 7.

Among respondents, 25% believe torture could be justified to save lives, while 22% think it should be used only against those who have committed serious violent crimes.

However, 35% of Russian citizens consider torture unacceptable under any circumstances, and 18% are undecided.

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The survey was conducted April 18-24 among 1,603 people aged 18 and over from 137 settlements, with personal interviews at respondents' homes across Russia. The margin of error is ±3.4% for indicators near 50%, ±2.9% for those near 25% or 75%, ±2.0% for those near 10% or 90%, and ±1.5% for those near 5% or 95%.

On May 15, the United Nations Independent International Commission on Investigations of Violations in Ukraine reported that Ukrainian prisoners of war face torture while held captive by Russia.

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Testimonies reveal extreme brutality, intense pain, and suffering during prolonged detention, with flagrant disregard for human dignity, resulting in deep physical and psychological trauma long after their release, the report said.

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