Neebing discusses seniors housing

Neebing, Ont. — The slow and winding road for a senior housing facility in the Municipality of Neebing has been seeing some traction recently.

At the Dec. 7 regular council meeting, Neebing at-large Coun. Gordon Cuthbertson inquired about changing the zoning of municipal land on Highway 608 to prepare for its use as a senior housing facility.

“(We’re) talking,” said Municipality of Neebing Pearson Township Coun. Gary Gardner. “(We’re) trying to come up with something. (We’d) like to see growth in our area. We’re discussing it.

“. . . If there were (senior) housing out here, that would be nice.”

At that regular council meeting last month, Cuthbertson asked that the rezoning of the municipal land be addressed at Jan. 18’s regular council meeting.

“We have land there (on Highway 608) already that’s already cleared,” said Municipality of Neebing Crooks Township Coun. Brian Wright. “We were recently going to use it as a fire hall. These are just things we’ve been tossing around. There’s nothing definite yet at all.

“At some point I’m hoping (the senior housing facility will come to fruition), but we’re still in the hoping process. Right now, we’re just in the talking stages to see what each person has to offer and see what’s out there.”

Gardner indicated a project of this magnitude takes some time before it reaches completion.

“When you’re building a complex of any kind, it doesn’t happen in a year or two,” Gardner said. “Especially with a municipality where we only have residents where our taxes come from.

“We don’t have garages, we don’t have schools anymore. Once you lose your school, the place almost disappears.

“ . . . If they do find a spot, if that spot is allowable, there’s a lot of things that have to be done before you can do that. You’ve got to have a whole bunch of meetings. There’s a lot to go on. Right now, it’s just come up, it’s just a bunch of talk.

“It doesn’t quite work where all the councillors say ‘Yes, let’s do it’. That land there (on Highway 608) is close to farmland. There’s many obstacles before it gets to go ahead.”

John Nagy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chronicle-Journal