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Need AAs? This $18 battery organizer means 'no more searching in the junk drawer'

It's an all-too-common frustration: When you need batteries the most, and you know you've got some around somewhere ... they seem to disappear. Well, that's where this handy Battery Organizer and Tester comes into play. Some 15,500-plus five-star fans can attest that this dedicated container makes keeping track of batteries a lot easier and can even test a charge to be sure you're not holding on to dead batteries. Score one for just $18.

Junk drawer? What junk drawer? This clear container stores up to 93 batteries, and the removable tester ensures that you aren't holding onto a dud. 

$18 at Amazon

Scavenging for batteries always inevitably ends with three AAs and a random AAA that doesn't fit your device. Wait, just me? Anyway — this organizer makes it easy to keep track of all of your random batteries, regardless of what size they are. Thankfully it also has a tester so you can know whether there is a charge on your batteries, because who knows how long those Ds have been living in that old light-up holiday decoration you've just unearthed?

In total, this case can hold 45 AA batteries, 25 AAA batteries, four 9-volt batteries, eight C batteries, six D batteries and five watch-style batteries. The lid is clear, so you can see what you have at a glance. And while it can easily be stored in a drawer, you can also mount this battery organizer to the wall (perhaps inside a closet) so that it's always within reach.

And if you have someone in your life who's a bit of a tech whiz and enjoys tinkering with gadgets, they'll love having something like this readily available to keep track of all their batteries.

This battery organizer makes it easy to Marie Kondo your junk drawer.
This battery organizer makes it easy to Marie Kondo your junk drawer.

There are many reasons 15,500+ Amazon shoppers have given this organizing dynamo a perfect five-star rating. Here's a sampling.

One shopper said, "Just what we needed to organize all our batteries. No more searching in the junk drawer. Great capacity."

"It's so nice to have my batteries in one place and organized by size instead of having them thrown in a bin and digging around looking for what I needed. And I love having the tester. Really glad I purchased this!" one reviewer raved.

As one hyperbolic reviewer puts it: "I used this product to save my marriage. If I had to answer one more time, 'Honey, where are the batteries?' Or if I did let the spouse know where the batteries are kept, then the batteries would get used up until I needed one, then there wouldn't be any left in the drawer. Now they're out where we can see ... I know when we're getting low, and I can buy more before I actually need one."

Another fan said, "I loved this product because I have so many batteries, some regular some rechargeable. It helped me to get all the batteries organized. I would find batteries around the house so this gave me a place to put them. The tester helped find the good batteries so I didn’t have to test with a battery-operated item. Definitely worth the investment for me."

"It meets my demands on knowing what I have at a glance. Easy to restock when I see I'm running out. Testing is easy. The only downside is it's bulkiness, to be expected. All in all a good buy," commented one five-star shopper.

Always know how many batteries you have — and whether they work, thanks to the included tester.

$18 at Amazon

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