Need workout inspiration? Britney Spears (along with boyfriend Sam Asghari) has got you covered

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Britney Spears works it out. (Photo: Britney Spears via Instagram)

Britney Spears works hard to look that good.

The singer and dancer gives us proof in the gym. Whether she’s doing leg lifts on top of her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, or practicing her gymnastics moves solo, Spears spends a lot of time working out, prepping for her dance-heavy performances. And she seems to have a lot of fun doing it!

Check out a compilation of the best of the snapshots she’s shared of her routines in the gym.

In her latest post, Spears and her trainer boyfriend of a year and a half use each other’s bodies, as they do push-ups, leg lifts, and sit-ups. They also manage to squeeze in some kissing.

Asghari and Spears shared a clip of them enjoying a sexier sweat session last month. They even did their own version of the lift from Dirty Dancing.

Not that Spears slacks when she’s hitting the gym on her own. She offered a peek at a changed up routine as she began to get ready for another leg of her Piece of Me Tour coming this summer, and it’s predictively impressive.

Yep, that was a laugh, a laugh! Spears is so good at working out by now that it’s no biggie. Like, at all.

Note that a lot of the time, Spears is listening to her own music while she sweats. Here she demonstrates her badassery to the tune of “Get Naked (I Got a Plan).”

*Raises hand* How are those shorts comfortable doing any sort of physical activity? Oh, right, she’s Britney Spears.

One of the keys to Spears’s workouts — along with a Britney song on the radio, in this case “Hot As Ice” — is a cool location. Although, usually, it’s her very own personal gym, occasionally it’s a gorgeous outside view of her mansion, which we imagine makes working up a sweat a lot more enjoyable.

So when you need inspiration for your workout, imagine Britney telling you, well, you know what.

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