Nelson school considers changing 40-year-old Bombers team name

The L.V. Rogers Bombers may not be the name of the Nelson high school's sports teams for much longer.

The West Kootenay secondary school is consulting students about changing the name to something that relates less to violence. 

Principal Tamara Malloff thinks it's the right time to consider a name change.

"If we're looking at our global context in terms of globalization, [and] our understanding of violence as it is in the media for example, what is it that we really want to represent our school?" asked Malloff. 

The school would like to find a name that is rooted in history and tradition, but they're still looking for one, said Malloff.

"[It's] been a really great conversation."

Bombers history

The secondary school has had the Bombers team name for nearly 40 years, Malloff told Daybreak South host Chris Walker. 

The sports teams have had several name changes over the years. At one point they were called the Blue Bomberettes and in 1901, the Grovers, said Malloff.

Submitted by Tamara Malloff

The decision to investigate another name came at a staff meeting. The school is looking at getting new apparel at the beginning of the year and the logo is not only on sports jerseys, but staff apparel too.

"At that point a lot of the teachers were in favour of it," said Malloff.

Logo rebranding

There are various versions of the logo on different team jerseys. 

One of the jerseys has a Second World War-style fighter jet on it and the 'o' in the word bombers, has a bomb in it.

At the very least, the school will look at rebranding the logo, she said.

Student feedback

Some students told CBC that they didn't see a need to change the Bombers name and liked its history and powerful connotation in relation to sports. Meanwhile, others said it was a bit violent and wanted something new.

"We hear what the kids are saying about having an image that is tough or representative...but we're kind of rethinking what it is that we want to portray," said Malloff.

"We also know that we do have increasingly here families that are coming from refugee situations. So we're also sensitive to that."

Students are being given the opportunity to vote and submit name ideas.

Malloff said the name change may happen sometime in the next year.

"We want to be thoughtful and we want to make sure that we don't just change things for the sake of changing them...we're just open to exploration right now."