Nenshi, Lucic, Thirsk, Kissel, Phung, Minhas: Class of 2020 gets send off from Calgary leaders

Nenshi, Lucic, Thirsk, Kissel, Phung, Minhas: Class of 2020 gets send off from Calgary leaders

Calgary students are not having a standard graduation this year due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, so CBC News asked movers and shakers with ties to the city to record some words of wisdom.

And here is what they came up with.

Andrew Phung, Kim's Convenience actor and comedian

Congratulations. Embrace the moment. Enjoy the time. Enjoy all the feelings and all of your accomplishments. But it is also scary. People are asking you, 'What are you going to do next? Where are you going to go to school? What are you going to do?' You don't know, it's fine. Just do what makes you happy.

Dominick Zator, Cavalry FC soccer player

You should all be very proud of yourselves for completing a major milestone and even more so during these current times. Adversity and challenges will come your way but this will make you stronger and help you grow.

Ravinder Minhas and Manjit Minhas, Minhas Micro Brewery

Ravinder Minhas:

We know the world looks a little different than when you started school this year, but our best advice to you is take this challenge as an opportunity and take the first step on a new path.

Manjit Minhas:

Just look before you leap and we know you will land on your feet.

Brett Kissel, country music singer

The first chapter that you guys were all in was a very exciting time. It may not have been the ending that you wanted or you predicted but the next chapter, I can assure you, is going to be extraordinary.

Naheed Nenshi, Calgary mayor

We are living through a time that no one on earth has ever experienced before, and the memory of how we adapted, how we were resilient, will serve us through the rest of our lives.

Erica Wiebe, Olympic athlete

There's a quote that gets me through really tough times and really inspires me every single day: "Take a step into the unknown with a certainty of power within you." For me, that just means that no matter what happens, no matter how uncertain the future is, I always take a step forward knowing that everything is going to be OK because I am here, I am present and I am powerful.

Nicole Gomes, celebrity chef

I want to wish you a big congratulations. You did it! Woo hoo!

Milan Lucic, Calgary Flames player

I know graduation probably isn't what you thought it would be right now, but I just wanted to congratulate you guys on a big milestone in your lives. All the best in the future and the next chapter, and stay safe and enjoy what you can with your family and friends.

Marco Carducci, Cavalry FC soccer player

Whatever you choose to do, whatever your goals are and your next steps, do everything you do passionately and love the process. I look forward to seeing what you are all going to be accomplishing in the future, and again, pursue your passions.

Robert Thirsk, astronaut

Pursue a profession that allows you to perform at a high level and to excel. Pursue a career that you will enjoy, that energizes you, that unleashes your imagination and that reflects your core values. Pursue a career that will add value to society.… Get engaged in one of these grand challenges and make our world a better place.

Nikolas Ledgerwood, Cavalry FC soccer player

As you guys take your first steps into adulthood and the first steps to freedom, just remember to chase those dreams and find something that you are passionate about, and along the way, help make this world a better place.

Amber Marshall, Heartland actor

To the class of 2020, I stand with you and I throw my hat to congratulate all of you on all of your accomplishments and wish you all the best for the future.

Scaachi Koul, author

I know it's brutal and I know it doesn't feel good but this is still an incredible time to be entering the world and make it better. I am so excited to see how you make it better. Don't mess it up. Good luck.

Marc Hall, researcher

I know it's a bit different this year but that shouldn't take away from how proud you should be of yourself and how proud others are of you. I hope you can think of fun and creative ways to connect and celebrate with friends and family. You certainly deserve it.