Nepean sports dome falls flat

The Superdome Sports Centre in Ben Franklin Park deflated while people were inside on Monday afternoon, but the sports facility's operators say no one was injured.

The inflatable sports dome at West Hunt Club and Greenbank roads "deflated unexpectedly," according to a message on Twitter from the facility's managers.

"Any patrons left inside left the Superdome without injury," they said.

Dave Louden was shooting golf balls inside when it happened.

"Suddenly there was this very loud sound and the dome opened up — a rip in the seam — the whole roof opened up and the sun shone in ... it was quite dramatic and then the dome started to collapse," said Louden.

The facility is now closed, but managers were hoping to open it again by Friday. The dome is used for indoor soccer, rugby, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. 

The cause of the deflation is not known.

People with field bookings are asked to contact them at 613-829-3663 as they are working with the City of Ottawa to arrange field availability.