Netflix Releases Official Trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's Pop-Tarts Origin Story Comedy 'Unfrosted'

Netflix has released the official trailer for Jerry Seinfeld's latest Pop-Tarts origin story comedy film. Titled Unfrosted, the film has been in the work for years, first publicly discussed by Seinfeld on Twitter in 2018, "At one point I was thinking about an invention of the Pop Tart movie. Imagine the drunk on sugar-power Kellogg's cereal culture of the mid-60’s in Battle Creek, MI. That's a vibe I could work with." He also discussed it on The Late Show in 2010 and it was announced in 2021 that Seinfeld will star and direct the film.

The project has been a long time coming. As per Netflix's Tudum, the official logline for Unfrosted reads, "Michigan, 1963. Kellogg's and Post, sworn cereal rivals, race to create a pastry that will change the face of breakfast forever. A tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar and menacing milkmen, Unfrosted stars writer-director Jerry Seinfeld." Described as "a tale of America's favorite toastable breakfast snack," the idea came from the fact that suits in a serious boardroom meeting about cereal is ironic. Seinfeld said, "The silliness of how they look and what they talk about just seemed like a fantastic world to be in. You want to put Jim Gaffigan in a tight suit and a blustery kind of face [shouting], 'And you gentlemen better take this work more seriously!' But it's about crinkles and puffs and sprinkles and pops, and they're adults."

The film stars a huge and A-list cast that consists of Seinfeld himself alongside Hugh Grant, who called and wanted to be cast as Tony the Tiger. Others include Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Max Greenfield, Christian Slater, Bill Burr, Daniel Levy, James Marsden, Mack McBrayer, Thomas Lennon, Bobby Moynihan, Adrian Martinez, Sarah Cooper and Fred Armisen.

Unfrosted arrives on Netflix on May 3. Watch the official trailer above.