Netflix viewers are saying the same thing about Pamela Anderson's new doc

Over the years, Netflix has produced some truly great celebrity documentaries, Taylor Swift's Americana and Beyoncé's Homecoming are two stand out favourites. And now it appears we have another one to add to the list thanks to Pamela Anderson's new documentary film Pamela, a love story.

The nearly two hour long film looks at Pamela's life from her early childhood, growing up in a small town in Canada, to becoming a Baywatch star, to marrying Tommy Lee and having her two sons, one of whom, Brandon, produced the film.

She also touches upon her love of animals, her work with PETA and her friendship with Julian Assange.

netflix viewers are saying same thing about pamela anderson documentary

The documentary finally puts Pamela in charge of the narrative of her own life and she gives unfiltered access to previously unseen footage and clips of her life.

Pamela, a love story only dropped on Netflix a few days ago (31st January) and yet viewers have rushed to watch the film, with it going straight into the Top 10 list soon after its release.

Viewers are raving about the film, with one viewer calling it "beautifully done". Another gave a great summary of the film calling it "honest, witty and insanely brave!". And another said the documentary had made them cry and they thought Pamela "deserved better".

There are also viewers who weren't previously big fans of Pamela that are now obsessed with her having watched the film, with author Paul Burston saying: "I’ve never been particularly interested in Pamela Anderson but I just watched her documentary on Netflix and now I would die for her."

Another echoed Paul's sentiments saying: "I decided to watch 'Pamela, a love story' on Netflix, not knowing much at all about Pamela Anderson. The documentary was great! I have a whole new respect for her."

netflix viewers are saying same thing about pamela anderson documentary

Basically, this is your sign that if you haven't watched the documentary it's the first thing you need to do.

Pamela, a love story is available on Netflix now.

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