Nets will try to keep it together - but Brooklyn should tear it apart | Good Word with Goodwill

With Brooklyn's decision to part ways with head coach Steve Nash -- and reportedly bring in suspended head coach Ime Udoka to replace him -- Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Vincent Goodwill says the Nets are doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.

Video Transcript


VINCE GOODWILL: Steve Nash was fired from the Brooklyn Nets-- or they mutually parted ways. Depending on when you heard it, or how you heard it, that is where things stand. The Nets, what they will try to do is maybe bring in an Ime Udoka, and keep Jacque Vaughn in the seat to keep it warm while they figure out their next move. They're going to try to keep this together. What they should do is tear it apart.

It's time for Kevin Durant to be traded. Remember, KD asked for a trade, and the Nets refused. But now with the Nets at 2 and 5, and looking like a completely inconsistent outfit, there's no path for them to win a championship. There's no path for them to compete. And now your best move, especially while Kyrie Irving sets fire to everything around him, is to release Kyrie, set Kevin Durant free, and start rebuilding.

Trade him for draft picks. Remember, they don't have any because of virtue of that James Harden deal. Steve Nash is a sacrificial lamb, or the person who is just set free, depending on your point of view. Nash, of course, was not going to develop a personality coaching this type of team, especially when Kyrie Irving says, we don't need a coach. Guess what? The Brooklyn Nets don't have a coach, or a future.