The never-ending story of a truck that got stuck under the Moncton overpass

The never-ending story of a truck that got stuck under the Moncton overpass

A truck got stuck under the Moncton "subway overpass" on Friday. Again.

It was not the first, and likely won't be the last, damaging overpass-truck encounter in Moncton.

In fact, across New Brunswick, trucks have a history of getting wedged under bridges, crashing through decking, or simply hitting the structures, including in the cities of Fredericton and Saint John.

The Moncton subway, however, has become somewhat notorious for snagging trucks, despite a yellow sign above the entrance warning drivers not to try it if a vehicle is taller than 11 feet, or 3.3 metres.

According to Vintage Moncton, a website dedicated to the city's history, the subway has been an important part of the city's downtown retail centre. Businesses wanted to be close to it, "so they would be visible to train passengers arriving in the city."

The website says the overpass was built in 1915 to solve the problem of trains stopped at the CN railway station, blocking Main Street and "resulting in traffic and pedestrians having to pass by going up Lutz Street."

After the first photo of the latest truck-subway collision was posted to social media, New Brunswickers quickly took to Twitter to comment.

Some people took a more humorous approach to the accident. 

One person suggested the city needs a larger sign to warn drivers. Another suggested U.S. President Donald Trump was at the wheel.