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Never look at ugly power cords again thanks to this brilliant $24 Amazon find

It's a pesky downside to the miraculous tech-driven world we live in: The more gadgets we own, the more unsightly cables and cords we have dangling, tangling and winding around our homes. If there only were an easy fix to corral that sprawling mess. (Spoiler alert: There is!) Enter the Sleek Socket Ultra-Thin Electrical Outlet Cover, an inexpensive way to manage the rat's nest that's accumulated around your electronics.

The Sleek Socket is a handy three-outlet power strip that stays out of sight while leading into one simple white outlet cover. The upshot? You can have up to three devices plugged in while also covering up the outlet powering them.

$24 at Amazon

At just $24, the Sleek Socket Electrical Outlet Cover gives you more space against your walls, since you no longer have a bunch of plugs bulging out of your outlets. Everything is just flush, flush, flush! It also has a three-foot cable itself that can be easily hidden away behind your electronics, clamped to your baseboard or stowed behind your work station. The end result is a unified solution that blends into the background. Perfect for apartment dwellers whose lease prevents them from a more invasive fix.

"I am a renter, so putting a huge hole in the wall to hide my wires was not going to happen," shared a savvy Amazon shopper. "After searching for something that can help with the look of the wires in my living room, I am glad to have come across this socket. I just installed it last night — I’m extremely happy with the look, and the adhesive works really well...I love love it."

plug going into outlet
Hey! You've got to hide your plugs away...

Here's what some of the 47,000-plus five-star reviewers had to say. "Beautiful! Exactly what I expected," raved one . "I use it to move my switch outlet to the corner for my lamp. It turned out so well! It's clean, neat and extremely easy to install."

"I was looking for ways to move my outlet to the top of my bookshelf or next to the router," added another. "Rather than doing the work by routing wires behind the wall or through the shelves, I saw this and tried it out. Honestly, this is the best alternative, if you want to relocate an outlet using an extension cord. ... This unit is frickin' amazing."

Two photos of a coffeemaker plugged into the wall, though one photo shows the cord and another doesn't.
Cords? What cords? I don't see any cords!

This shopper who was tired of plugging away at cables gushed, "I saw this online and thought it was a great Idea to solve the issue I was having — due to the outlets situated behind the couch, plugging in anything such as lamps and chargers would cause the big space between the wall and the couch. But with this neat little solution, now everything sits flush and nothing to be seen. Works great."

The Sleek Socket not only makes your home look more polished — it also helps it to be baby proof! "Super easy to install and perfect length to keep out of our new baby's hands," raved this parent. "The way the room got set up, the outlets were always near the crib. This is flat enough so her little fingers couldn't get behind it, and allowed us parents to sleep with ease. Highly recommend."

Some love it so much that they wish it could be longer! "I really wish they would make a TV mount option with a longer (10-12ft) cord," revealed one. "Overall the product is great just didn't fit my specific needs." (See below for the 8-foot version.)

If you find yourself in need of a longer cable, good news: There's an 8-footer available, too! It's also a No. 1 bestseller in its category. Same design as the shorter version and only a buck more.

$25 at Amazon

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