New congresswoman sent children home prior to assault on Capitol: 'My motherly instincts said this doesn't feel right'

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Wednesday was an intense day at the U.S. Capitol as supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump laid siege in hopes of overturning election results. Newly elected Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace revealed on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon that her children almost got caught up in the chaos.

Mace, a single mother, flew her children from South Carolina to Washington, D.C., because she was sworn in on Sunday. She also thought it would be fun for them to attend online classes from the congressional building.

“They wanted to do it,” Mace said. “But I sent them home because my motherly instincts said this doesn’t feel right, something is going to happen because of the rhetoric. And my worst fears came true today.”

Protestors overtook the Capitol police and gained entry to congressional offices, where Mace had planned to have her children studying. Fortunately, she decided against her original plan.

“I flew them home on the very first flight out of town on Monday morning because of the rhetoric I was hearing, coming out of fringe members of my own party, and seeing what might come,” she said.

Mace expressed her disappointment in her party and condemned those who incited the violence.

“This has been the best and worst week of my life as an elected official,” she said. “This is a sad day for our nation. I am heartbroken, disgusted, and I’m angry. Enough is enough. This needs to stop tonight and we need to end it.”

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