New data shows Canada may not be the nation it thinks it is at 150

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    My son's high school rescheduled exams to accommodate Eid celebrations on Jun 26...I wonder if the Hindus, Sikhs, Baptists etc.. or people of other religious beliefs will be extended the same courtesy on their special day.
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    They are too politically correct to tell the truth, the majority of Canadians are open to immigrants who share our values and culture but closed to bringing in people who come here and expect Canadians to change laws and services to cater to them, do not blend in and who follow a religion that has a long term goal of turning the World into an Islamic State which includes murdering anyone who is a non believer.
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    This article says Trump's values have migrated north. I suggest that Canadian and American values have always been similar. Most Canadians are also worried about immigration ala Trudeau
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    Not surprised at all. Our love won't overcome there true beliefs. We need to outlaw Shira Law. Read about it please.
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    Hard to have a positive outlook when you live in Ontario and have to deal with the garbage dealt by the Wynne gang daily.
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    Christina D
    We do not oppose helping the less fortunate. WE most certainly do not oppose welcoming refugees and immigrants who welcome and accept Canadian values and are willing to assimilate and integrate in every way, even Muslims who do not follow every tenet of their religion. But when you are dealing with ISLAM and truly devout Muslims, a political ideology (its not a religion) that doesnt allow its people to assimilate, and wants the whole world under Sharia Law, I say find somewhere else to live because you arent wanted or welcome here
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    Multiculturalism - what a concept !

    Come to my country and bring all the nastiness with you
    that made you want to leave your country !
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    I'm definitely one of the 57% that agree refugees are undermining our values. You go to one of their countries, and just try to impose your rights, good luck, here, they are getting away with it, screaming discrimination, while at the same time calling us infidels, and stating death to non muslims. I personally think they should all be sent packing back to where they came from. Our PM, in all of his wisdom, and that is sarcasm, has decided to allow these frauds to retain, or have their Canadian citizenship reinstated, this is completely unacceptable.
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    The only reason the "refugees" aren't bombing Canadians yet , is because they're still in moving mode . Once their numbers are up the nightmare begins . Just like all the other countries this has happened in .
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    Canadians generally remain generous and inclusive with those who are generous and inclusive of us. Respect is a two way street. If you want to come to Canada, then simply acknowledge that our way of life is better than most and be truly grateful and thankful to be here and repay us by adapting to our ways and working hard to contribute to our society in a constructive and meaningful way. A chip on your shoulder and a sense of entitlement does not make the rest of us feel welcoming or generous.