New ‘Doctor Who’ Skype Bot Lets You Be the Doctor’s Companion

BBC Worldwide and Skype have launched a Doctor Who bot, which lets you be the Doctor’s companion, if you’re up for the challenge.

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, with the TARDIS. (Photo: BBC)

The Doctor Who bot lets you communicate directly with the Doctor, as voiced by Peter Capaldi, and takes you on an interactive journey where you’ll complete challenges, solve logic puzzles, and take quizzes revolving around the search for the Key to Time, a mysterious artifact that’s been split up into six pieces and scattered throughout time and space. Participants must find all the pieces and restore the key, in order to save the universe. The game is entitled “The Saviour of Time” and was creatively developed by Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Chronicles writer Joe Lidster. Serious Doctor Who fans will remember that Tom Baker’s Doctor and his companion, Romana, searched for the Key to Time in Season 16.

The Doctor Who Bot on Skype. (Photo: Skype)

To play, simply search for “Doctor Who Bot” in the Skype Bot Directory, then click “Add to Contacts.” After the launch date, new chapters will be released every Sunday, the day after new episodes of Doctor Who air. Good luck, Whovians!

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