A new Mafia game is in development

No release date or title yet.

2K Games/Hangar 13

A new Mafia game is on the way. Series publisher 2K Games and Hanger 13, the studio that worked on Mafia III and Mafia: Definitive Edition, announced the news in a blog post celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

“I'm happy to confirm we've started work on an all-new Mafia project,” said Roman Hladík, Hanger 13 general manager. “While it's a few years away and we can't share anything more right now, we're really excited to keep working on this beloved franchise and to entertain our players with new stories.”

The studio did not share any other details on the project. Its most recent release was 2020’s Mafia: Definitive Edition, a remake of the franchise’s original 2002 entry. According to a Kotaku report published earlier this year, Hanger 13 has gone through multiple rounds of layoffs since the studio completed work on Mafia III in 2016. The most recent occurred in May after 2K reportedly canceled a game that Hanger 13 had been working on for a while and that the publisher had funded to the tune of $50 million. That same month, Kotaku published a separate report revealing that the studio was also working on a Mafia prequel set in Italy and built on top of Unreal Engine 5. It’s unclear if that project is the game 2K and Hanger 13 announced today.

If you want to revisit the series or play it for the first time, 2K also announced today it would give the original game away on Steam between September 1st and 5th. You can also buy Definitive Edition on sale until September 8th.