Newborn Baby Elephant Learns To Walk On Wobbly Legs

The video shows a newborn baby elephant taking its first steps with its wobbly legs. Few things in nature can be as heartwarming as newborn baby animals. Baby animals are adorable and very cute. A newborn baby elephant is most likely one of the cutest sights you can have while on an African safari. Seeing the largest land mammal on the planet in baby form, specially being less than a day old, is something that will make most hearts melt. When baby elephants are born, they can stand within half an hour, and it can take a good few hours before they can walk and remain stable on their legs. During their first few hours of life, the legs of baby elephants are very wobbly and weak. It is during this period that determination and a survival instinct drives the baby to make numerous attempts to walk with their weak legs. During each attempt to walk, the legs of the baby elephant will get stronger and stronger until the muscles are strong enough for it to stay on its feet for long periods of time. The video shows how a baby elephant goes through the motions of learning how to walk on its wobbly legs. It is an adorable sight, with the baby elephant swaying from side to side, back and forth. Repeatedly the baby elephant would fall over forward, face first into the ground. Survival instinct drives the baby elephant not to give up and it would make several attempts to get walking, no matter how hard the task at hand may seem. One of the cutest sights you can possibly ask for to see out on an African safari.