Newbury tresaurer retires after 27 years

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NEWBURY - After 27 years Newbury treasurer Betty Gordon is calling it a day. Now officially retired from the position Gordon began in 1994.

At the time, the village had undergone staffing issues when a former treasurer left for maternity leave and the replacement that was then hired had also had to leave.

Reeve Diane Brewer, approached Gordon after a party and asked her to fill in for the next couple months after a party and the rest was history.

Previously at Hartwick township in Chatham she was pleasantly surprised by the different work environment when she first entered the office all those years ago. “When I got here, I was amazed because -in Chatham. There was a dress code and it was very fussy and everything and when I walked in the door [here], I can’t remember Theresa- who became one of my good friends had flip flops on and I was amazed that she had flip flops, it was so cool.”

Said Gordon looking back to the beginning of her near three decades at the village. A love of the community has her considering staying on in some capacity. “I don’t know how to explain I just love working here. I love working in fact I just said a few minutes ago maybe I’ll stay on I mean I saw the sewer plant being built, I saw the side of the office being built. The Park is just gorgeous. I just love it, I love the people.”

An initial concern of wearing too many hats also became her favourite part of the position. Every day Gordon would create a ‘To-Do’ list and cross things out as they were completed and now the list is officially completed.

Having a love for her craft Gordon will be working with auditors for the water programme this year in her retirement.

Other retirement plans include keeping her and her husband Jeremy as busy as possible. Former Adelaide-Metcalfe treasurer Cathy Case has been hired to take over the position.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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