Newcomer ships British-made Jaguar to Windsor to remind him of home

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Salman Gul  (Mike Evans/CBC - image credit)
Salman Gul (Mike Evans/CBC - image credit)

After leaving the United Kingdom to come to Windsor with his family, Salman Gul was feeling homesick and decided he needed a British-made automobile so he could start feeling like himself again.

Gul privately purchased a 1995 Super Charged Jaguar XJR, complete with a steering wheel on the right side. The car was put on a vessel and shipped across the Atlantic ocean. It eventually landed in Halifax and was then put on a truck and brought to Windsor.

"It makes me feel less homesick. It makes me feel like myself like you know you take a lion out of the jungle and you put him in the zoo they say his eyes will glaze over but you put him back in the jungle he gets his old reflexes back ... so that's the kind of feeling I get with this car," he said with a laugh

In December 2019, Gul, his wife Nicole and their five children left England and moved to Windsor. Without a Canadian citizenship, Gul wasn't able to work

And within months, the pandemic hit, driving up his feelings of isolation and his longing for home.

WATCH: Gul talks about purchasing the car and how it's made him feel

But his homesickness made him realize what he needed to do to feel like a piece of England was with him in Canada: ship over a Jaguar.

"I thought you know what I really miss my car ... I used to get up in the morning, grab a coffee, jump in the Jag," he said. "So I thought, right let's get me a Jag to remember home so it can feel like normal again. When this car turned up and I drove it, it felt normal."

The car arrived in the middle of the winter the weather wasn't suitable to drive in, but now that the temperature is starting to warm up, Gul is getting the car ready for cruising.

The Jaguar started off in England and was shipped to Halifax.
The Jaguar started off in England and was shipped to Halifax.(Submitted by Salman Gul)