The Newfoundland brand: New local online retailer wants to showcase local craftspeople

The Newfoundland Trading Company wants people around the globe to experience this province through its products.

The new online retailer specializes in high-quality, locally-made products of all kinds — and they're looking for more.

"We are taking a unique brand and we are really targeting people outside Newfoundland and Labrador," says Josh Taylor, originally from Grand Falls-Windsor and the founder and CEO of the Newfoundland Trading Company.

"We are really building a concept around this place that resonates with people who are not from Newfoundland who might not even actually have a concept of what Newfoundland is."

Advantages for crafts people

Taylor said finding exceptional crafts people, or "makers," has been less of a challenge than he had anticipated.

"People have come out of the woodwork, figuratively and literally, with products that I didn't have a clue were here," he told CBC's Central Morning Show.

The online retailer will enable craftspeople to sell their products, he said, without the pitfalls the come with online shopping, like an over-saturated market.

"The people in Newfoundland and Labrador are really good at making these extraordinary things, but it is really hard to cut through the noise online," Taylor said.

"I didn't know there were so many people making handmade knives, for example. Pottery is something that is well known. Our knitted work we are really famous for. But there is a lot of stuff happening in the garment space that probably people aren't aware of."

The company will purchase bulk orders from craftspeople and manufacturers, assuming the retail sales risk, he said.

Taylor hopes to take advantage of the province's popularity, and any creators who want to sell their products through his company can contact him on the website.

"The Newfoundland brand resonates really well. People like this place and it is considered cool," Taylor said.

"A lot of prominent Newfoundlanders have done a lot to raise the bar — and you've seen the response from Come From Away. I think the time is right for a Newfoundland brand."