Will newly acquired Kadarius Toney thrive in Kansas City's offense? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon, Frank Schwab and Scott Pianowski discuss the Giants dealing Kadarius Toney to the Chiefs, including whether or not he'll be able to contribute immediately in Kansas City.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Kadarius Toney shipped from the New York Giants to the Kansas City Chiefs for a third round pick there, the Chiefs' compensatory pick, and a sixth round pick. Just about every fantasy analyst was ready and willing to rip their pants off in excitement for this move, Scott. Because it's a tantalizing talent in Kadarius Toney, and a guy going to the best offensive ecosystem in the NFL, or at least one of the two best in the Kansas City Chiefs.

I'm very curious where you are with this Kadarius Toney move, especially since he basically tweeted out afterwards, like oh, yeah, I was never really injured at any point. Only-- something like that. So maybe he gets on the field sooner than we thought. But Scott, your reaction to Kadarius Toney going to the Kansas City Chiefs?

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, I mean, it's just nice to see him out of New York because they obviously had no use for him. It was a bad fit. But I don't know how quickly he can onboard in Kansas City. The passing game is doing just fine. It hasn't been the most fantasy fruitful, given that Mahomes is having a great season. But I think this is gonna be a-- we live in an era, we all take pictures with our cameras, with our phones, and you have the photo instantaneously.

This is gonna be a Polaroid. This is going to be a drop off the film at the drugstore and pick it up in a week or two. It's gonna take a while before they get comfortable with him and before he gets a full package of plays. There's so many other talented players on the roster. So it's good that he's out of New York, because they basically had him stashed away. They had him locked in a store room closet or something.

I don't know what they were doing in New York. I don't know, maybe this means we can play Wan'Dale Robinson or Darius Slayton with an eyelash more confidence going forward. I do like Daniel Jones this week, I'll say that. But I think what I would do in seasonal-- and look, the cheapest advice we give as fantasy analysts is like, we hedge it with the dynasty advice. Like, buy Toney in dynasty.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: It's like, OK. That's all nice and good. Most of the people who are listening are trying to win in week eight. Toney's not gonna help you in week eight. He's probably not gonna help you in week nine. It's gonna be a slow developing story. I think it's exciting for next year. Maybe it's exciting for December or the playoffs. But I'm not gonna be proactive with playing Toney until he does something on a football field.

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, I think the key that you said there is he could be a factor for the playoffs. I mean, look, I get all of the bad for Tony. Like, he's seemingly either constantly hurt, malingering, just being kind of a general a hole. You don't need to bleep that one, John.

But so, it's impossible for me to sit here and say trust Kadarius Toney with any amount of reasonable respect. Because he could just do the same thing he did to the Giants, and basically do quiet quitting if he wants to. But oh my goodness, the match-up of that offense with that quarterback and that talent that Toney has? The sky-- the ceiling really is there.

I mean, I did the whole like, as soon as I saw the alert come through, I was scrambling through all my leagues to pick him up wherever he had been dropped. And he had been dropped a couple places. I'm co-owning a team where we dropped him last night, of all things. Just because of spite. We were just so spiteful of Kadarius Toney, get off the roster.

And then 12 hours later he's traded to an unbelievable situation. I think there's very little risk here if you're a fantasy player? Like, put him on the end of your bench and see what happens. But you go-- yeah, you're gonna have to see it first just like Scott said. But I do think there is a path here for him to be a real true difference maker in certain starter, when playoff time comes around.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: You watch the highlights of the plays he has made in a Giants uniform, and I realize this is going back a little bit. The guy moves like a slinky. The guy's lower body, he's like Justin Timberlake out there.

It's unbelievable. Just his change a direction on a dime, it's-- he reminded me of Odell Beckham when he was making splash plays last year. And I would not throw away that-- I'd not throw that comp out loosely. So it's certainly an upside here. It's just a matter of when the Chiefs can tap into it.

MATT HARMON: I think he could do what Mecole Hardman did, which is pop up for like three touchdowns some outrageous game, and then not do anything for weeks and weeks and weeks other than make-- I think I'd think it's a better real life move for the Chiefs than it is a fantasy move, which is another piece of crutch analysis, Scott, that we always come back on.

But I do think is the case here with Toney to KC. Because I still have a lot of questions about the player even when he is healthy. Big time, rare, rare, truly rare ability in the open field. But I think he's still got a long way to go to be a legitimate every down consistent route runner, which speaks to some of the concerns about how much work is he putting in, stuff like that.