Newmarket-Aurora Votes 2022: New Blue candidate wants to “turn legislature back to the people”

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The New Blue Party will bring renewed “transparency” to Queen’s Park, according to Newmarket-Aurora candidate Iwona Czarnecka.

Ms. Czarnecka put her name forward to be Newmarket-Aurora’s next MPP for the New Blues out of a desire for change.

“The established parties have voted lock-step with each other,” she told The Auroran over email. “Our elected MPPs are controlled by their party whips and the lobbyists. So, they are not responsive to the needs of the citizens. They ignore us until election time. Then it is like Christmas with all of their promises in exchange for another term…paid for with our tax dollars. This is the very definition of an abusive relationship. It is time for change. It’s time to turn the legislature back to the people so they are represented with a real voice in their Provincial Parliament.”

The New Blues, she says, plans to “take a community-based consultative approach to bring about effective, efficient, and common-sense solutions to local provincial issues.”

If elected, she says her top three priorities for Aurora’s north riding would be to “work with the community to voice realistic solutions to local issues, fight for the protection of our Charter Rights with a heavy focus on parental rights, [and] fight to ensure that mandates which violate our rights never become government policy and restore all those impacted to their employment status prior to the pandemic.”

Ms. Czarnecka describes herself as a “mother of two, wife, entrepreneur and neighbour.” She is “someone who deeply believes all of us matter and deserve attention to our concerns.”

“New Blue believes in transparency,” she says. “Doug Ford and the PCs have not been transparent. The pandemic demonstrated this clearly. Actions clouded by vague language, taken behind closed doors, and in the shadows undermine our freedoms. They make people lose trust in their government, and with the loss of trust comes the loss of hope, and with it an increase in apathy. That is why voter turnout is falling and poses one of the greatest threats to our democracy. People are turning their backs on government.

“The Ford PCs are not and were not transparent. They allowed regulatory agencies and boards staffed with non-elected officials to by-pass the Legislature and public review on matters of health and education. New Blue will never do this.”

Brock Weir, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Auroran

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