Glam Slam: The Friday Five -- Ways To Wow!

Access HollywoodNovember 16, 2012
Eva Mendes arrives at the Los Angeles special screening of 'Girl In Progress' held at DGA Theater on May 2, 2012 in Los Angeles -- Getty Images

How to wow during the holiday season is easier than you might think, thanks to these beautiful beauty ideas from InStyle.

Get ready for head-turning hair and makeup inspiration!

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Trade Black For Blue: Lining just the lower lashes in cobalt instead of black (like Eva Mendes) adds nearly effortless pop. Choose a soft pencil and apply it very close to the lashes, smudging with a small brush.

Find Your Perfect Red: The easy way to find your look-defining hue is to narrow the field to the warmer (or cooler) hues that work best, then bring a friend to the counter for a quick vetting of your top three picks.

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Spread Your Wings: Adding some '60s flair with a liquid or cream liner isn't just a fun way to change things up -- it also lends all-night staying power.

Rough Up Your Braids: To get this playful style that can still skew "super-dressy," (like Rashida Jones!) apply an anti-frizz serum throughout second day hair. Next, starting at ear-level, make three braids: one in back and one on each side. Spritz with hairspray, then loosely braid the plaits together.

Add An Inch On Top: To achieve a "sexy but classic" blowout, lift sections vertically while you blast them, spritzing on a dry texturizing spray as you go. Make a shallow part, then add a few bouncy curls in front with a big-barrel iron. Now the key step: tease the roots around the crown, spritz with hairspray.

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For more tips and tricks, InStyle's December issue, on newsstands today!

-- Ryan Patterson

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