Keira Knightley Slams Hollywood's 'Disgusting' Body Obsession

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Keira Knightley arrives at the premiere of Focus Features' 'Anna Karenina' held at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on November 14, 2012 -- Getty Images

Keira Knightley has been the subject of many headlines over the years about her petite stature, something that angers and frustrates the 27-year-old.

"I think the pressure we put on women to either be thinner or fatter or to have longer legs or shorter legs or bigger breasts or smaller breasts is disgusting," Keira told Access Hollywood at the junket for her latest movie, "Anna Karenina," Joe Wright's big screen adaptation of the classic Tolstoy novel.

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"It's amazing in 2012 that that level of misogyny over women is still there... Particularly over young women," she continued. "We pull them apart."

When asked if she likes to be thought of as a role model for other young people, Keira was quick to squash that notion.

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"I'm a person. I'm completely flawed and nobody should look up to me as a role model," she explained. "But, hopefully what I can do is make some interesting stories."

Her latest role, where she plays the complicated Anna, who is embroiled in an affair with Count Vronsky, was challenging for the actress.

"I loved [Anna] all the time, I don't necessarily know that I liked her some of the time," she told Access. "She's terrifying, because she really makes you go, 'Am I any better than she is? Do I have the right to judge her?' I think, everybody being human, nobody is better... That's why she is so intriguing."

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"Anna Karenina," which also stars Jude Law and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, is in theaters now.

-- Jesse Spero

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