Lisa Rinna Tries on Depend Underwear in New Ad Campaign

Claudine Zap

Lisa Rinna is probably the last person you would expect to show up wearing a diaper on the red carpet. But the sexy soap star can be seen in a new ad campaign lending her glamour to the unglamorous Depend briefs.

The "Dancing With the Stars" contestant said she's not ashamed of the subject, and did the ad to "empower women." The 48-year-old and her husband, Harry Hamlin, appear in the campaign together to promote Depend. This is not your grandparents' adult-diaper ad.

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The spot shows Rinna on the red carpet in an Herve Leger bandage dress (think supertight spandex) over her Depend Silhouette undergarment with hubby Harry looking on and claiming he can't tell what she's wearing under her evening gown. The "Melrose Place" star shows off her form-fitting look on camera with no panty line in sight. She exclaims, "I am wearing an evening gown for God’s sake! And you can’t tell I have it on. Check out the booty!"

The soap star is quick to point out in the ad that she doesn't need them (not that there's anything wrong with that if you do) and says, "I did it because I am a champion for positive self-image for women," and adds that she did the campaign commercial for charity. The company made a $225,000 donation to Dress for Success for Rinna's appearance in the ad.

Rinna isn't the only surprising face (and backside) of a product more commonly associated with avoiding embarrassing accidents while gardening and golfing.

Another ad asks football pros DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews, and Wes Welker to try on Depend Real Fit for Men briefs for charity. "Now I know you don't need one," the Depend host says, "but will you try one on for charity to prove just how great the fit is?"

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The players put them on under their uniforms, and again their undergarments are undetectable. Their participation supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research, which received $150,000 from Depend for research on prostate cancer, a disease that also causes incontinence.

Both ads promote the "Great American Try-On," which encourages consumers to go to the Depend website to request a free sample. Not that you need one.

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