Throwback Tuesday: See 'Dancing With the Stars' Judge Bruno Tonioli as Geisha In Rolling Stones Music Vid

Bruno Tonioli on the set of the Rolling Stones's music video for "One Hit to the Body" in England on May 6, 1986 (left) and as a judge on "Dancing With the Stars" (right).

We knew he had moves, but we didn't know he had moves like Jagger! "Dancing With the Stars" judge Bruno Tonioli recently stopped by "Access Hollywood Live" to talk about this season's final four, and the talk turned to his own dancing past, and his retro run-in with rock legend Mick Jagger.

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During the chat, "Access" host Billy Bush pulled up a very revealing 1980s photo of the Italian choreographer. The pic was from the set of the 1986 Rolling Stones music video for the song "One Hit to the Body." Bruno was apparently called in to help choreograph the video and he ended up in it. The "DWTS" judge dished that he dressed as a geisha for the video because the models originally hired for the job weren't exactly dancing queens!

Watch the "One Hit to the Body" music video and see if you can spot Bruno: 

While Bruno's cameo is shadowy, the pictures don't lie. He explained in the "Access" interview (you can see it below, and the pics appear at the 5:20 mark) that the music video directors hired a group of models that could not dance.

"They couldn't even walk," Bruno quipped. So the then 30-year-old choreographer came to the rescue and frantically rounded up his own team of dancers, but he was still one girl short. That's when he was tapped by director Russell Mulcahy to don the geisha garb and join in.

"The show has to go on," Bruno said. (Talk about taking one for the team!)

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As for a photo of a mischievous Mick Jagger lifting up the back of Bruno's geisha dress, it's censored for a good reason: "I didn't have any knickers on!" Bruno confessed, explaining that he didn't have the appropriate undergarments for the impromptu cameo. But he added, "If I have to show my bum to anybody, it has to be Mick Jagger."

For an earlier music video stint, Bruno didn't have to cross-dress, but maybe he should have! In 1983 he was a dancer in the music video for the Elton John song "I'm Still Standing." Bruno rocked a black Speedo, a skintight bodysuit, and a studded belt in that one. Looking back at it 30 years later, we'd say the geisha dress is more flattering!

Check out Bruno shaking his booty (and everything else) in the "I'm Still Standing" video: