Newsmax host absolutely loses it after veteran respectfully criticizes Trump

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A host on the conservative news network Newsmax flipped out on a veteran for his light criticism of former President Donald Trump on his show Wednesday, angrily cutting off the interview.

Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield spoke on the air with Joe Saboe, a veteran of the Iraq War who has been seeking to help those trapped in Afghanistan following the Taliban's takeover, and Saboe pushed back on Stinchfield's suggestion that a "hostage situation" is taking place in the country, per Mediaite. Saboe criticized "multiple administrations" over the chaos in Afghanistan, but the idea that Trump shares some of the blame didn't go over well with Stinchfield, who angrily ended the interview after his guest argued that "the Trump administration's efforts here were fairly weak."

"Cut him off, please!" Stinchfield screamed. "Cut him off now! Cut him off now! You're not going to blame this on President Trump on my show! That's not happening!"

Despite saying he was "low on time," Stinchfield proceeded to continue screaming at Saboe while he wasn't even on the air anymore and had no opportunity to respond, yelling, "Don't come on this program and take the talking points of the left and blame President Trump! That's not helping anybody!"

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