The Next Google Wear OS Update Promises Big Performance Improvements For Smartwatches

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It is good to hear something new from Google on what is up with the Wear OS platform for smartwatches. Google says that Wear OS will get a significant update later this year, with big improvements on the performance font. This comes at a time when the Wear OS smartwatches have failed to match up as rivals to the Apple Watch and have fallen behind the Samsung Galaxy Watch series as well as the Fitbit smartwatches. Google would hope that changes with the new Wear OS which will roll out this fall. Google also welcomed three new brands into the Wear OS smartwatch family—Xiaomi, Oppo and Suunto. The next Wear OS update will feature CPU core improvements that will improve the app load times by as much as 20 percent. There will also be tweaks to the user interface and the setup process will also be simplified. “we continue to support advancements in technology to bring new functionality, such as LTE, and expand levels of performance with the new Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 4100 and 4100+ platforms. We are excited by the kinds of wearable experiences that can be enabled in the future,” says Google.

The Wear OS watches are also adding a new hand washing timer that will detect when you are washing your hands and put a helpful countdown timer on your wrist to let you know if you have washed your hands for 30 seconds or not. Quite timely in the COVID pandemic times, and health authorities insist that washing hands properly and carefully reduces the chances of catching the Coronavirus significantly. The Apple Watch is also getting a similar feature with the next watchOS, which is also expected to release later this year. Google is also updating the weather app on Wear OS, to make the forecasts simplified and help you plan your day better, hopefully. At this time, there is no specific timeline for when this next big Wear OS update rolls out for smartwatches, but we would expect it to be sometime in September, around the time the final release of Android 11 is sent out to Pixel phones and shared with phone makers to distribute to their Android phones.

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