Who is the NFL 100 Super Bowl kid? He already has a college offer from Illinois

Jack Baer
Maxwell "Bunchie" Young helped deliver one of Super Bowl LIV's best moments. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

If you thought last year’s NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial was cool, wait until you get a load of what they cooked up for Super Bowl LIV.

Just like last year, the commercial featured a boatload of past and present NFL stars, from Jim Brown to Christian McCaffrey. What made this one different is it was all tied together by one kid, rocking an Odell Beckham Jr. haircut and basically running across America to the Super Bowl.

The whole thing was pretty darn fun, and ended with the kid and many others running onto the field of the actual Super Bowl.

Of course, that left one big question: Just who is this kid? Turns out the answer is pretty interesting.

The NFL 100 kid is pretty good at football

For starters, his name is Maxwell “Bunchie” Young, he is 12 years old and this isn’t even the first time he’s achieved football stardom.

Young, who lives in Los Angeles, was named the 2017 Sports Illustrated SportsKid of the Year after posting 61 touchdowns in a season and a half of youth football and destroying the field in track competitions. He was good enough to get a college offer from Illinois at the age of 10.

Obviously, Young still has a long time before he’s even touching the NFL, but the league clearly liked what it saw from him as a representation of the next generation of football stars.

Super Bowl LIV halftime show

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