NFL Betting Week 2: Are the Saints still Tom Brady's kryptonite?

Fantasy football analyst Scott Pianowski reveals his weekly NFL betting ticket in his Throwing Darts column. Check out where he's putting his coins for Week 2.

We started off 3-2 last week and we bagged an early Week 2 winner with the Chargers. Hopefully, the NFL weekend will be kind to us.

Here are the remaining Throwing Darts selections for Week 2. We obviously pick against the spread, and all lines come from our friends at BetMGM.

Saints +2.5 vs. Buccaneers

New Orleans has constantly been the Tom Brady kryptonite since he relocated, although Brady did find a way to beat the Saints once in the playoffs (maybe that game was more about Drew Brees playing poorly). There aren't many home-field advantages that still have bite in the NFL, but New Orleans does offer one. Jameis Winston impressed me with his second-half comeback at Atlanta, working with a receiver room that's been significantly upgraded.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady (12) gets prepared moments before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Dallas Cowboys NFL regular season game
The Saints have been a tough matchup for Tom Brady during his NFL tenure as a Buccaneer. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Jets +6.5 at Browns

If you take a deeper look into the stat breakdown between the Jets and Ravens last week, the game comes out as a toss-up. Sure, the final score didn't read that way, but I believe that's misleading. The Browns scored a win at Carolina despite Jacoby Brissett averaging barely four yards per attempt. I dare them to do that again. New York can hang around in this spot.

Steelers +2 vs. Patriots

The Pittsburgh offense was messy last week, but the defense harassed Joe Burrow and friends for 3.5 hours. And even without T.J. Watt, I expect that Pittsburgh unit to dominate for another week. How can New England be favored on the road against a non-patsy after the no-show at Miami?

Eagles -2 vs. Vikings

I like both teams and wish this matchup wasn't coming so early in the season. But I worry the Vikings might be a little too self-satisfied after slaying Green Bay last week, and Philadelphia's offense doesn't have a weakness — the line looks dominant, the skill talent is overflowing. Give me a home favorite spotting less than the standard three.

Last Week: 3-2

This Week: 1-0

Season: 4-2

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