'Never a bad place to floss': Bills WR Stefon Diggs shows off dental hygiene on bench

Cassandra Negley
·1 min read

A football game isn’t about to interrupt Stefon Diggs’ oral hygiene.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver was spotted on the CBS broadcast flossing while on the bench during the second quarter against the Miami Dolphins.

No, not the floss dance. Actually using floss for his teeth

Broadcaster Kevin Harlan completes the visual by telling kids there’s “never a bad place to floss.”

Diggs is really get in there and Twitter had all the jokes.

The Bills are the AFC East champions for the first time since 1995 and Diggs wants that winning smile to shine. They clinched the No. 2 seed in the conference with a blowout victory against Miami, 56-26. Diggs finished with seven catches for 76 yards.

He’s not the first NFL player with solid dental habits on the sideline. Former NFL MVP and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was flossing while up 10 against the Denver Broncos in 2016.

Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs.
Got floss? Stefon Diggs does. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

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