Jared Goff on winless Lions: 'Maybe getting pissed off will be the answer'

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The Detroit Lions are 0-4, and quarterback Jared Goff is feeling the weight of each one of those losses. 

Following their latest loss — a 24-14 defeat against the Chicago Bears that featured three fumbles from Goff — the QB told the media that he's done with moral victories and looking on the bright side of losing. Instead, he's angry, and he hopes the rest of the team gets angry along with him. 

“I think you just get to the point where you’re ... there’s no longer like, ‘oh well we did these things good.’ You know? Like, you get to the point where it’s like, ‘well, we still lost,’” Goff said after the game via MLive.com. “And then you’re not happy about it. Yeah, maybe a pissed-off team will execute a little bit better and that’s me included. How can we be better next week? Maybe getting pissed off will be the answer.”

If Goff and the rest of the team are looking for things to be upset about, they're in luck because that well runs deep. They were doomed on Sunday by several failed calls from head coach Dan Campbell, who had them go for it on fourth down twice inside Chicago's 10-yard line. On the second failed fourth-down attempt, Campbell had them execute it without a huddle, which he later said he regretted (though he didn't regret any of his other fourth-down play calls).

Goff's three fumbles stick out as well, especially since one of them was the result of poor on-field communication. Just as Goff was stepping forward to change the play, the ball was snapped. Goff obviously wasn't ready, and the ball glanced off his shoulder and into the hands of a Bears defender. 

Goff, who is in his first year with Detroit after an offseason QB swap with the Los Angeles Rams, isn't ready to throw in the towel yet, though. He's confident that this young Lions team, has the ability to rebound if they can execute their game plan. 

“A lot of teams, and again, we’ll have this conversation at the end of the year, but you know, a lot of teams you’ll look back and it’ll tank early and you’ll be done,” Goff said via MLive.com. “I don’t believe that’s the case with our group at all. But you have to be intentional about it. You have to be intentional about not letting it go there. I know our coaching staff is, and I know Dan’s as energetic about everything than anyone I’ve ever met. We have the pieces. We have the people to keep it positive. We just have to be intentional about it and make those plays in practice translate to the game.” 

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