Don Cherry predictably shreds Auston Matthews over Leafs' dress-code change

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Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about what NHL hockey players where to the rink quite like Don Cherry does. (Getty)
Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about what NHL hockey players wear to the rink quite like Don Cherry does. (Getty)

It shouldn't be surprising to hear that Don Cherry isn't a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs' new business-casual dress code this season.

The ousted Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster predictably discussed the topic on his podcast, Don Cherry's Grapevine, and singled Auston Matthews out for his choice of pre-game outfits.

"I'd like to talk about Matthews for a minute," Cherry started. "The leading scorer last year, the leading scorer of the whole league last year, Rocket Richard. Now everything was going good he used to be dressed, I'd have to say him and Lundqvist were 1 and 2 in getting dressed, pretty sharp guys. 

"Evidently it was pretty tough for him to get dressed, $10-million and he can't get dressed? So, you see him coming in now, he used to come in with [Mitch] Marner all the time, now he comes in alone, and you can't say he's a slob, it [looks] like he's going to a barbecue or something like that, and I just don't understand it."

The outlandish suits Cherry used to wear regularly on broadcasts make him an interesting source of fashion tips and advice. I will say, however, that those who were expecting some trendy or personality-driven fits to come from Matthews given the new dress code have been disappointed so far.

While the Leafs have somewhat relaxed its pre-game dress code, the Arizona Coyotes are the only team in the NHL that has fully abolished the suit-and-tie look when entering the arena.

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