NHL needs a new All-Star format

The NHL All-Star game doesn't necessarily come as advertised as many of the leagues biggest stars do not take part due to the format requiring the selection of one player from each team.

Video Transcript

- I don't even know why they call it an all-star game. Like, you don't actually even have your all-stars there.

- You don't. You really don't. I'm like--

- This league can't market itself out, like, they can't market their way out of a paper bag. Like, their thought process is legitimately, hey, if we get a player from every team, then the fans of that team will tune in. It's like, why don't you just sell the best product possible, and people will watch regardless of whether players on their team are on. Like, sorry, you think Chicago fans, you think-- Forget Anaheim, that's the aberration. Do you think Canucks fans-- do you think people watching teams suck are going to be like, hey, I watch these guys all the time, I'm going to go watch one of them again. Why don't you actually just put your best players out?

- Honestly. Like, that's the thing about when you have stars that transcend other teams. There are Crosby fans in Toronto. I see kids wearing Crosby jerseys all the time.

- Crosby fans in Calgary, too.

- That's what you should be doing. It doesn't matter that like, oh, you have to have one frickin'-- one player for every team. That's stupid. And I'd be saying the same thing if the Leafs were bad. When the Leafs were tanking for Matthews, I laughed so hard that Komarov was there. Why is Leo Komarov an all-star? That made no freaking sense to me.

- Leo Komarov is an all-star?

- Thank you. Thank you. Like, that makes no frickin' sense.

- I forgot about that.

- Like, oh, my God, this was one-- each team needs a representative is dumb. Bring the best players there and then have them represent the league. Well, yeah, there's nothing with team by team thing. That's stupid.

- I've never seen a league so hell bent on, like, not understanding their product.