NHL Twitter moment of the year

Kodak Black's appearance at a Florida Panthers hockey game was certainly memorable, while Leon Draisaitl's 'pissy' exchange with Oilers reporter Jim Matheson will go down in the press conference Hall of Fame but which will win the award for NHL Twitter moment of the year?

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Let's just do the damn thing. I'd like to start with your hockey Twitter moment of the year. There are no shortage of nominees for this particular category. I am excited for this one. Who has a pick? Who wants to start? I could start, if you'd like.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: You have nominees? You want to send some nominees out there or--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: So, like, I-- like, the Kodak Black incident--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Like, we got to talk about that because--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, that was up there.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: --the NHL, the way that they reacted to that, that was definitely something.

OMAR WHITE: Oh my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The alleged infidelity of a player and another story that went out-- look, they're all legend.

SAM CHANG: Those were my top two.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: A lot of people reacted in a certain way to those stories--

OMAR WHITE: I have two more.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: --very notable. Yes, please.

OMAR WHITE: I have two more.


OMAR WHITE: One-- [LAUGHS] Leon Draisaitl being called "pissy."

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Oh, man, yeah.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh my god, yes. Yes.

OMAR WHITE: And-- [LAUGHS] and as an honorable--


OMAR WHITE: As an honorable mention, the-- the morph of Kevin Weekes becoming a meme from him breaking all the--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh, that's good.

OMAR WHITE: From him breaking all the news. Those two. But yeah, Leon Draisaitl being called "pissy" was so-- I could not believe this was happening. I thought it was in a simulation. I'm like, are we-- literally, actually watch a NHL media call a player-- ask him why he's been acting so--


OMAR WHITE: Oh, dude, that was so funny. That's one-- that's my highlight of the year. That's my hockey Twitter moment of the year.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Cut, do you have a hockey Twitter moment of the year you'd like to offer up?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: No, I think Kodak was the one for me. I think that's-- I mean, it's just like-- it was just so ridiculous and so hilarious. And like the breaking down the film and-- it's just-- it was too good. It was awesome.

OMAR WHITE: Oh my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Took some moves from Brampton, huh?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah. He knows.



OMAR WHITE: He knows.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The sensible pick would be to, I guess, take a-- well, everyone reacting to Trevor Zegras doing the "Dishagin" because, like, you know, that was still a play that got everyone going, like Michael B. Jordan, obviously, and other celebrities who you wouldn't even think would be associated with hockey. They all noticed.

OMAR WHITE: I would argue the aftermath of that moment was even funnier, considering--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh, yeah, and how everyone reacted.

OMAR WHITE: Considering-- listen. OK, listen. NHL, if you can do one thing, I need every team to make a pact to score a Michigan goal on Philadelphia and then just pan to the camera immediately. I need-- I am-- literally, like, I think I would go out of my way to watch every Phillies game-- every Flyers game just to see if anyone tries to do it, especially--

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I'm not-- I'm not going that far. But Anaheim-Philly might actually be worthwhile.


OMAR WHITE: Yes, yep. 100% watching that because you know Zegras is going to try to do something. Like, just try it. Oh. You know, the guy's got to skill it up. Oh, skill it up. That's another one too. Don't skill it up. That was another one.



JULIAN MCKENZIE: I gave that something else. But I think it's either--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: It's either--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: It's either--

SAM CHANG: I enjoyed that The Athletic called them the worst broadcast in the League.



JULIAN MCKENZIE: I didn't say that. Sam said that. So it's either "pissy" or the Kodak Black.

SAM CHANG: I didn't say it. The Athletic said it.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: The Athletic did say it. I work for The Athletic. So shout-out The Athletic. Appreciate The Athletic and working for that great company. So it's down to "pissy" and Kodak Black, really. I don't know if we could do a tie. I don't know if we have to vote on these two. But I think those two are probably the strongest ones.

OMAR WHITE: Yeah, yeah.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Yeah, I think those are the moments.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: I think that's it. For the first time ever in the history of the Zonies, a tie for hockey Twitter moment of the year-- Leon Draisaitl being called "pissy" and Kodak Black doing whatever the hell he was doing in that Florida suite.


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