Nicky Hilton Rothschild reveals how her daughter's latest obsession is fueled by sister Paris Hilton

Gibson Johns,

Nicky Hilton Rothschild's daughter, Lily Grace Victoria, has a major obsession: Animals!

The 33-year-old heiress, who is expecting her second child with husband James Rothschild, recently opened up to AOL Entertainment about life with her daughter, 15 months, and she revealed that her baby girl can't get enough of cats and dogs and bunnies.

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"My daughter is obsessed with animals -- naturally, coming from my family!" she told us with a laugh. "She wants to be surrounded by pets. She loves cats and dogs. We got one of those L.O.L Surprise! Pets, and she’s so obsessed with it. I help her unwrap it and she just loves it."

And Lily Grace Victoria's infatuation with animals is fueled by Nicky's sister, Paris Hilton, who famously always has one of her many dogs in tow.

"She’s so sweet," Nicky told us at the L.O.L. Surprise! Pets launch at Toys R Us in New York. "Every time she comes over, she has one of her pocket-sized dogs, and my daughter’s eyes just widen when she walks in the room with one of her animals." 

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Hilton Rothschild also told us that her "very girly" daughter just reached an exciting milestone.

"She just started walking on my birthday!" she told us. "That was a big milestone. Best birthday present ever."

In addition to watching her adorable daughter continue to grow and come into her own, Hilton Rothschild is also just loving being able to, in some ways, feel like a kid again.

"I think what is so fun about being a parent is that you get to relive all of your childhood fantasies," she said with a smile. "I get to wake up in the morning, watch 'My Little Pony,' have cereal. You just relive your childhood." 

As for her second pregnancy, Hilton Rothschild says that she's been feeling great -- just like her first time around.

"It's been the exact same," she said, relieved. "I've been feeling great, having a lot of energy, no morning sickness. So far, so good!"

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